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[Participation] National flee prizes remember, a small day online fine you!

Date:2015/9/29      Source: Tianyao Information     Count:735

One person, one way,

People in the way, move the heart with the King,
From start to end,
Perhaps happiness,
Perhaps alone,
Pipe He SLR or mobile phone,
I have to record ...
Even as the lifeline of the trail,
My youth catharsis with photos.
National fled meter, take the Quartet together.
Wang walked all the way,
You're looking for scenery in the distance,

Our online fine you.

[Time] 2015.9.30-2015.10.8
1, concern the official micro Tianyao information signal, or direct input lookup number: TYGroup.
2, send them directly to this micro signal required is a photograph during the National Day this year, on any subject, regardless of equipment, technology, as long as you move, pick a beat.
3, at the same time send name + phone number + photo brief description.
Best Cinematography Award one, most found two awards, the most awards two feelings, the most enthusiastic award ten.
[Win prizes]
Best Cinematography: Automatic 3-4 bunk camping tent packages

Most Discovery Award: Household Travel Kit (including: wash bag + Cosmetic + shoe)

Most feelings Award: Car Charger

The most enthusiastic award ten: the camera's memory card - Kingston -SD card (16G)

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