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[Welfare] Xinyou and kidney deficiency, 6S swollen holding palm!

Date:2015/9/27      Source: Tianyao Information     Count:784

IPHONE whenever new products come out,

There are friends who have continued to top the knife foot flames,
Maishen, had offended a strange ......
Left kidney to the 5S, right kidney to buy a 6,
6S to "prostitute" What!
If buy 7, this day may be swollen too!
Hear it, I can only say you are too small day OUT!

Anyway IPHONE6S indeed very cattle X!
iPhone 6s Performance Ultra Edition 2015 models equipped MacBook!
Have you seen this decision "to sell their kidneys", "bondage"
Do not worry, this Tianyao information 6S do not buy it more affordable yo!
100 will have the opportunity to 6S holding in her hand!

Tianyao information Guangdong Development Bank to join the interpretation of the truth ...
Wide hairpin 20th anniversary, have your Thanksgiving!
Mall to celebrate the National Day, smashing eggs to win iPhone6s!
100 yuan hit the silver egg, 200 yuan hit the golden eggs!

5 surprises sale value products, eggs price higher than the market price of all goods more than ten thousand are not afraid!
Random delivery, play is the heart!
You most care about 6S, then hide them!
As long as 100 yuan / 200 yuan, iPhone6S / iPhone6S plus so drop out!

100 yuan silver egg products, the first to seduce you about:

• Apple iPhone 6s-16G public version (color random)
• Newman NM-GK02 copper anti-wrap headphone
• original Apple USB Power Adapter
• original Apple Lightning to USB data cable
• Apple original headset with remote and mic
Total 5 silver egg products,
By far the most important thing is: iPhone6S are inside!
Do not say after one hundred will not give you such things, and one hundred and if punched 6s how do you thank God?

200 yuan golden egg products, great firepower ten million Hold live:

• Apple iPhone 6s Plus -16G public version (color random)
• iShare portable multifunction machine
• Magic Butterfly iPhone U disk 64G / dual-use expansion memory
• Newman N1 multifunctional smart watch (Samsung Apple millet etc. applicable)
• HTC fans of the original UFO Bluetooth speaker sound altogether 5 gold egg products,
By far the most important thing is: iPhone6S plus are inside!
I bet even if not drawn 6S you will feel Bel value!
Tianyao information immediately concerned official micro letter (TYGroup), click on the "fan welfare" - "! [Welfare] left kidney to the 5S, 6,6S swollen right kidney to the holding palm" or click on the original link login later.

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