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Mom, I want to say to you ......

Date:2015/4/26      Source: Tianyao Information     Count:669


       Mom, so many years, there are some things I have to tell you about:

       Remember, I was a child you teach me how to tie his appearance, did not forget, you told me the truth in life;
       Remember, I was a child you gave me to sing songs, do not forget, those novelty birthday gift you gave me to buy;
       Remember, I was a kid learning to ride a bicycle accidentally fall, you pained expression, did not forget, when I go to college, you joy face.
       These ,, but I never forget, ashamed to tell you my love. Now I would like to take this opportunity to say to you: Mom, I love you!
       Event Rules:
       1) micro-letter
        Follow Tianyao information official micro-letters "TYGroup" Fans welfare click the menu bar, enter "Mother's Day special events," read the original ↓↓↓ participate Mengchuo Tianyao Mother's Day special events, to love and to fold easily Eye Massager in front of her mother!
       2) Weibo
       April 28 activities started, users need to pay close attention Tianyao information official microblogging "Tianyao information" and publish related activities microblogging, drying out the mother and their intimate photo, while @ Tianyao information, you can participate to activities in. Activities As of May 10 ended Tianyao information gathering activities on the photo and selected the five best embodies the love of mother and child's photo, giving a mini Times easily Eye Massager. The winners in the May 11 announcement, the prizes in seven working days after the end of the event sent.
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