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Credit Card Installment Buying Services

Cooperating with banks, TianYao Information installment business line provides consumer credit service for credit card users. TianYao Information will participate in installment business on plans and operation. It will plan the promotion activities and then carry it out. Also it provide... ReadMore

Credit Card Bonus Points Services

TianYao Information provides projects to banks to improve credit card holders' loyalty. It can satisfy cardholders' needs for credit card bonus points services. By its own advanced credit points system, TianYao Information does well on credit card bonus points services, which will help ... ReadMore

Credit Consultancy Services

Depend on the accumulated platform operation experience in the passed 13 years, TianYao Information offers comprehensive platform operation service for banks. We are professional on platform construction, optimization, supplement, market activities and activities operation. At the same ... ReadMore

Value added banking services

In the past 13 years, TianYao Information focus on banking credit card integrated consumer services solutions, Wechat platform operation services and personalized platform banking services. TianYao Information provides more diversified, more conve... ReadMore
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