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Q: I placed an order after how long it takes to complete the audit?
A: Under normal circumstances, you submit 1-2 working days after the order, the bank can complete the review.

Q: From the order successfully, confirm to get the goods, generally how long?
A: Under normal circumstances, Beijing Tianyao Group orders of the date of receipt by the Bank for approval, depending on your bank ordered specific aging differ, 7-15 working days under normal circumstances nationwide free delivery (except for special commodities, except for uncontrollable reasons).

Q: Why is customer service phone always get through?
A: Sorry, with the development of Beijing Tianyao business, customers for the business increased, sometimes resulting in the agent phone is busy, our company will solve this problem as soon as possible, at the same time suggest that you can avoid the peak period call the customer service phone, or by Send e-mail to advice, very sorry for the inconvenience, please understand!

Q: Why did not sign and goods orders express a single query displays the status of the sign?
A: Please do not worry, we recommend that you contact a friend or family member to confirm whether to sign on behalf, if family and friends do not sign, you can call the customer service center 400-0800-988 Contact staff to deal with!

Q: After express delivery of goods you can spot inspection? Find goods packaging is damaged, how to deal with?
A: After express delivery is required on the spot on the spot in front of the courier acceptance of goods. When the receipt of goods such as packaging is damaged, please direct rejection; after receipt of goods such as commodity itself has a problem, please call our customer service hotline 400-0800-988 Contact Returns application, will have a professional sales staff to resolve it.

Q: The purchase of the product quality problems how to deal with?
A: Beijing Tianyao Group is committed to comply with the rules of sale and return of goods, from the date of sale (the actual receipt date) within seven days can return, can be exchanged within 15 days, the customer can call our 400-0800- 988 Hotline Contact Returns application, will have a professional sales staff to resolve it.

Q: Beijing Tianyao Group customer service phone working hours?
A: The customer service hotline 400-0800-988 Services include orders for service, comments and suggestions, the service time Monday to Friday, 9: 00-18: 00.

Q: What are the micro-channel public number?
A: Find public micro-channel number, search for "tygroup", click on "Tianyao information", plus interest.

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